Tuesday, June 13, 2006

The Holocaust and other thoughts

Recently, I was in Berlin and visited the Jewish Museum there. While there was a lot of fascinating stuff about the history of the Jews in Europe, the "elephant in the room" was obviously the Holocaust. Now it turns out that most of the Jews in Germany got there because Eastern Europe and Russia were so awful to them. It was supposed to be a refuge for. And it got me thinking that Jews have been fucked over in an awful lot of places, not just Germany, and that got me thinking that a great many people have been fucked over all over the place. The Nazis also targeted gays, gypsies, communists, the mentally and physically disabled, etc. Americans fucked over Africans, Indians, etc. The British fucked over just about anybody they came in contact with, and the same for the Spanish. So what I got that, for me, the museum was as much about people fucking with other people as it was about the Jews of Europe.
And then it occurred to me that if the root cause of the Holocaust was people fucking with other people, then the sensibility that gave rise to the Holocaust is alive and well today, most obviously in the politically conservative and the religious right, bacause those people want to fuck with everybody. Bush wants to make gay marriages illegal. That's fucking with people. The religious right wants to ban Harry Potter in libraries. That's fucking with people. Conservatives want to crack down on illegal immigrants, fucking with people.
I'm not saying this is the Holocaust, I am saying it is the same psychology that caused the Holocaust, so that when I see a Jewish friend of mine embrace the neocon point of view, I find it particularly disgusting. His main thing is he wants to fuck with all Muslims.
And one last thought: I hope god, or whatever, has Ann Coulter die soon, but slowly. That people buy her books, and put money in her pocket, is one more shameful thing about this country.


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